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CMSI does incredibly sophisticated technical work for televised events. They needed someone who could write about it in a compelling way while keeping all the details. The main audience was other technicians in their field. Read the email, or just skip ahead to the impact if you’re not a tapeless-workflow-delivery-head.


CMSI solves remote issues at the game of the year

MIAMI, FL — Responding to the desires of the many viewers who have invested in home surround sound systems, CBS decided to offer a high-quality, immersive 5.1 surround sound experience for Super Bowl XLIV. Audio Alchemy, owned by sound designer, mixer and five-time Emmy Award Winner, Dave Smith, provided onsite mixing in Miami for CBS promos, features, and other pre- and in-game elements.

The onsite mixing required special equipment and expertise.

“As one of three audio rooms at the Super Bowl [CBS staff mixers ran the others], we’d be scrambling, from Monday through game time on Sunday,” said Smith. “We’d be mixing the pre-game Jay-Z tease, a re-tease right before the game, a movie trailer-type intro designed to pump up home viewers, the player intros, and several elements, features and bumpers throughout the game.”

“So we needed to line up a trusted on-site ProTools studio provider,” continued Smith. “We’d be designing a custom 5.1 editing studio to exacting specifications with this partner company. Then we’d need to ship it to Miami, test the system, tweak configurations for the remote environment, and prepare for a variety of on-site challenges −all within a tight deadline.”

Audio Alchemy turned to Creative Mobile Solutions for this time-sensitive, technology-intense project. Creative Mobile Solutions built a custom ProTools fly-pack, on par with a fully-featured New York City or Los Angeles studio. Everything was configured in Los Angeles then packaged and shipped to Smith and his team at the Super Bowl across the country.

Miami gave the Audio Alchemy team some unexpected surprises. When the team arrived at Miami’s Sun Life, the scene was chaotic, with record rainfalls and monsoon-like conditions. Shipping schedules were compromised, ankle-deep puddles slowed set-up crews, and production teams of every type were scrambling around the parking lot trying to make it work.

Chaos inspired creativity.  CBS had planned to have each mixer set up their own room.  So Creative Mobile Solutions, which usually sends engineering teams on location for set-up and optimization, was challenged to guide the Audio Alchemy team through the equipment set-up process via telephone. Audio Alchemy built the studio from a 12-foot by 14-foot trailer with Creative Mobile Solutions’ clear and user-friendly system design, and remote guidance.

“Creative Mobile Solutions was absolutely indispensable. Their support was tremendous, especially under those tight time constraints,” said Smith.

Two hours before kick-off, Audio Alchemy faced another challenge. The Jay-Z piece needed to be re-worked. Audio Alchemy re-mixed it and had it ready ½ hour before air time. “Thanks to our workflow and the efficiency of the Creative Mobile Solutions equipment, we got it done easily,” said Smith.

“Creative Mobile Solutions was unbelievably accommodating,” said Smith. “They delivered anything and everything I needed. If we needed carpet over there or baffling equipment over here, they quickly found a way to make it work with the sound equipment.”

“I’ve worked with a lot of tech people, suppliers, and vendors,” continued Smith. “Sometimes you get friction. But with Creative Mobile Solutions, everything I asked for was there. They were indispensable. If our team of audio experts didn’t know the answer to something, the Creative Mobile Solutions team would find out. They provide a high level of service, they’re flexible, and if they don’t know the answer to something they find it fast. There’s no bluster and no B.S. They have some of the smartest guys I’ve met.”

The event went off without a hitch. Thanks in large part to the “indispensable” efforts of Creative Mobile Solutions, the Audio Alchemy team was praised by CBS producers and editors for their professionalism under pressure.

JP Marvel Wealth Management, Inc.

JPMWM wants your money to make more money. (Of course, a bevy of state and federal laws prevent them from saying that in such a succinct way. Even I elide the “your money” part when I write as my company, AgentWebDev.

Every sentence below is triple-checked to be legally sound.

Team JPMWM, Inc.

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JP Marvel Wealth Management, Inc. is an investment management firm of seven professionals with a wealth of industry experience and skills.

Our professionals combine more than 60 years of money management experience and 135 years of financial services experience.

Additionally, our firm boasts professionals with backgrounds in law, real estate, brokerage, and accounting. The staff is an efficient, cross-trained group of professionals whose responsibilities within the firm often overlap.

Establishing Plans

JP Marvel Wealth Management makes an effort to meet with all new clients personally to establish their financial and estate objectives. This process aids the JP Marvel Wealth Management team in drafting a certified financial plan and setting a strategic investment process to reach those goals. Our team reviews these plans with clients on at least an annual basis.

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JPMWM’s core values are curiosity and vigilance for new information. In addition to individual research and investigations, our team meets every morning to review and discuss breaking news, financial reports and all other relevant investment information. Moreover, at least once a week, we hold a Research Meeting to review all major equity holdings. This information is then integrated into the investment process.

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