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Founder | Adam Goldberg

Adam Goldberg


Adam Goldberg founded Agent Web Dev with two goals: Save Businesses, and Don’t Be Boring. He’d worked for years at nonprofits, web companies and online outlets, in Hollywood, and met a whole lot of everyone-elses. If you’re reading this, you may be the client he’s looking for: an interesting business owner who wants a website as great as their company.

Team Member | James Arvigo

James Arvigo

Developer / WordPress & SEO Expert

James is a software developer with 20 years experience programming in multiple languages and building custom websites on almost every major platform. With more than 500 websites under his belt, he currently specializes in highly customized WordPress sites, WooCommerce, advanced on-site SEO and enhanced website security. James is an attention-to-detail freak and loves to develop clean and easy to read code.

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