My Only Flaw

Daredevil is fascinating. I mean, he’s weird: he’s a guilt driven, unethical Catholic lawyer whose super-rich Greek assassin-girlfriend keeps dying. But at a core level, he’s a blind guy who can see. He’s disabled, and sometimes it comes up (“Oh no, Foggy, this data is only on a computer, not available in braille, and my e-reader’s broken!”), but most of the time, he’s super-abled. If you were making a New York State volleyball team, you’d pick him 1000 times before you’d call Professor Xavier.

I am a writer with limited capacity to type things on a computer keyboard. Whatever condition I have manifests like carpal tunnel syndrome, and after seven years with it, I’m no closer to a diagnosis or cure.

But I still believe I’m better and funnier than other writers just because they can still hit 90 WPM.

I believe I’m more charming, a better listener, and have a wider base of marketing knowledge.

Picture related.
Picture also related.

The main adaptation is that I like working from my house, where there’s a certain amount of quiet, and I can use voice to text. As a web designer for a decade, I see commuting as unnecessary anyway. It’s not like I’m reading you these words in person.

So am I disabled? That’s actually not the right question for my portfolio! The question is, after reading all this, do you think my sentences will generate the revenue your offerings deserve?

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