We’ve worked with a wide variety of clients, each a leader in their field and deserving of a website worthy of their expertise.

Client Histories:


CLIENT: GreatGats.by (formerly JimmyGatz.com)

Our client was reinventing himself as a party planner. His old site didn’t work on mobile phones (or even rotary phones), which cut his mobile traffic significantly and hurt search engine rankings. We incorporated his color choices (which were meaningful and filled with symbolism) and came up with a new version that customers loved.


CLIENT: SpinningLoom.com

Spinning Loom was slow. We helped them with backend Content Management System (CMS), allowing their team to update their own news (like the availability of “blue dye”). We also rewrote their javascript to load faster, so they could compete with other mills. By shaving 3.2 seconds off pageload, they reduced their bounce rate 73%, which is vital in a high turnover industry.


CLIENT: RevereSilver

Our client needed to get news out to his customers — and fast. The English Army was “disrupting” the marketplace and P. Revere needed instant outreach to his core customers. Agent wrote and posted on-brand, highly-engaging messages, allowing Mr. Revere to pivot from mostly silver-related posts to a truly revolutionary idea.


ClLIENT: HillValley88.com

Going back in time is complicated. There are a huge number of rules, exceptions, and externalities, from the risk of becoming your own grandfather to the theft of sports almanacs. While we’ve done work with lawyers, nonprofits, and medical entities, the legalese required by HV88 was dense. Still, Agent collaborated with their team to clear every word of copy for legal viability.

The Fundamentals and Legality of Time Travel
The Space Time Continuum & You


CLIENT: LutheransComeHome.org

Europe had seen a lot of Christians. Martin Luther knew he had to do something big to stand out. On October 31st, 1517, he nailed his 95 theses to the door of All Saints’ Church, but he needed to keep his fans informed (especially in the case of new theses). Agent provided list management, targeting, and copywriting for a campaign that resulted in tremendous conversion.


CLIENT: The Silk Road (not that one)

The mission was clear: create a marketplace that could get eyeballs across its 4,350 mile length. While we teamed up with Hellenic, Indian and Somali dropshippers, there needed to be another component. Enter AdWords. We studied hundreds of relevant product keywords to find top performers, earning back a top return on investment. Our team worked with both Bing and Google to find prices within our limits, reinvesting earnings to create continual sales.


CLIENT: Pyramid of Djoser Ltd

Agent’s longest-term client has survived tomb raiders, political revolutions, and DDOS attacks. Through its nearly 5,000 years of continual operation, Agent has been providing the Pyramid of Djoser with custom solutions to every maintenance challenge it has faced.